Boulder Freeride
The Ski and Snowboard Club at CU


Frequently Asked Questions

Is this the Snowboard Team?

No, while the snowboard team takes a more competitive approach to the sport, Boulder Freeride makes sure that there’s a place for everyone in the club. We focus more on the social aspect of the ski/snowboard lifestyle, while still providing members with everything they need to have an epic season.Many of CUST’s team are also members of Boulder Freeride (which is perfectly awesome) as both organizations have something very different to offer.

How do I sign up?

Come into our office (UMC 1B74), 10-3 Monday through Thursday and 11-2 Friday. We'll get you signed up for the club and hooked up with a t-shirt and all the other free shwag that comes to us from sponsors!

Do you provide transportation to the mountains?

We do not directly provide transportation to the mountains, but we try our hardest to make sure that everyone who wants a ride gets a ride. Whether that is setting up a carpool ride board in our office or online. We encourage our members to fill up their cars with as many kids as they can fit so you can all make friends and ride together!

Recently, we've partnered with the carpool app Croozen! Croozen is a place for anyone to post and find rides. If you have a car, it's a great way to meet some new friends and make a few bucks! For more information on how Croozen works, visit

I’m just a beginner… can I still join?

Of course. Even if you’ve never set foot on the mountain, we want you to join. We’ll hook you up with someone to teach you, take you up, and entertain you. We want everyone to have a good time, whether you ride or not!

How can I get involved working with the club?

The club is run by a board of directors, 12-18 CU students who love the sport, are ambitious and creative, and have a great passion to see the club succeed. Each year we elect new members to the board towards the end of September. If this sounds like something you’d like to do, please download the 17/18 BOD APPLICATION or come into our office to grab an application.

Why should I get a 5-year membership if I’ll only be here for 4 years?

Many CU students, we have come to find, end up sticking around Colorado longer than planned. We offer a 5-year membership as opposed to a 4-year so that those who have taken a semester (or two..or three…) off can still get all the benefits of being a member.