Boulder Freeride
The Ski and Snowboard Club at CU


So you want an IKON Pass?


How do i get one?

Visit the Boulder Freeride office in the eastern basement of the UMC on CU Boulder Campus (UMC 1B74). We are open Monday-Thursday 10-3.

What do i need?

You need to be a full time student to receive the discount but at this time you do not need to be a club member. Bring your laptop or phone to complete the pass purchasing process on the IKON Pass website.


How does it work?

After following the instructions posted in the office a board member will give you a promotion code to bring the price of the pass down. Our price will stay the same until we stop selling them in late October.


What are the different Passes?

The differences between the base and the full IKON pass are detailed on the IKON pass website ( Most people will be perfectly happy with the less expensive base pass.

When will you get more codes?

The promotion codes do run out and we contact IKON immediately when this occurs to get more codes. We cannot guarantee when more will come but there are usually some available when the office opens at 10am M-T and 11am F